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No matter our age, race or gender we all want to feel accepted. Feeling acceptance from our friends, family and society shapes how we see the world, but more importantly how we see ourselves. How is a girl supposed to learn how to love herself when she has so many voices around her telling who she should be, how she should dress, and how she should feel? Through heartfelt and honest discussion, first-time authors, Damonie Johnson (14) and Laila Thomas (10), empower girls to explore their own self-identity. A Girl’s World confronts issues of pain, acceptance and the stress of meeting society’s expectations, and offers age-appropriate advice about how to overcome life’s challenges.

This journal also encourages young women to find beauty in everything around them. “I want girls to be inspired by the things they
see in their everyday life… shapes, colors, flowers, and especially, food!” says Thomas. Take an engaging and interactive journey with Damonie and Laila as they share personal stories about their own exploration of self-identity. The images illustrated by Johnson also offers a colorful and unique perspective on how to make these personal stories relatable to everyone. A Girl’s World will challenge girls to:

Seek a better understanding of themselves.

Explore their relationships with others.

Reject outdated perspectives in society about beauty.

“Tell yourself every day that you are beautiful and know that you should not have to change anything about yourself just to be seen as beautiful!” -Damonie Johnson

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